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  • Friday Night Lights and Food Trucks!

    Friday Night Lights and Food Trucks!

    While many lament the last days of summer, we also look forward to fall football and tailgating. Nothing brings a high school community together more than “Friday Night [...]
  • palmetto cheese pimento cheese ball owl

    Palmetto Cheese Owl

    Hoot! Hoot! The Palmetto Cheese Owl is a great project to do with the kids and a creative way to serve Palmetto Cheese for your next gathering. Here is what you’ll [...]
  • Tomatoe Pie

    Tomato Recipes

    The garden has been on overdrive producing tomatoes. It’s a great thing to grow your own produce. We’ve gotten so many tomatoes this year that whoever comes to [...]
  • pimento cheese recipe biscuit dough ham cheese

    Ham and Palmetto Cheese Monkey Bread

    Ingredients: 2 – 1 LB packages Jumbo Biscuit dough (8 ct.) Use the brand of your choice 8 ounces Palmetto Cheese – Original, Jalapeno or Bacon (we used Jalapeno) [...]
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Breakfast for Birds – Ann West

by admin in Southern Lifestyle

To serve breakfast for birds you first have to save your toast from breakfast. If you eat all your toast then you have to take pancakes when they come around. The server will [...]

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