Win a 3 pack of Palmetto Cheese

March 26, 2013 admin 0

Enjoy Palmetto Cheese during the next 2 rounds of March Madness. The Sweet Sixteen teams are in action this weekend and you can win a Palmetto Cheese 3 Pack on the PC Facebook page! Entry […]

Happy PI Day

March 14, 2013 admin 0

What better way to celebrate PI Day than with pie, a Palmetto Cheese Tomato Pie. Okay, so there isn’t anything mathematical about it, but it tastes delicious! Ingredients: 1 – 9inch pie crust 3 to […]

Ham and Palmetto Cheese Sandwich

March 8, 2013 admin 0

Time for a sandwich, a Ham and Palmetto Cheese Sandwich with Pepperidge Farm® Rye and Pump bread. It tastes as good as it looks! We dished out extra Palmetto Cheese on the side for dipping […]

Palmetto Cheeseburgers

March 6, 2013 admin 33

Spring is coming soon and it’s almost time to break out the grill.  We love topping our grilled burgers with Original Palmetto Cheese. To spice things up, use Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos. PC with Bacon […]

Cinnamon Bread Grilled Palmetto Cheese Sandwich

March 5, 2013 admin 0

Ingredients 2 slices of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread 2 Tablespoons of Palmetto Cheese – Original, Jalapeno, or Bacon 3 slices Bacon, cooked Butter, soft Directions Place a saute pan on medium-high heat. Spread Palmetto […]