Crispy Pimento Cheese

crispy pimento cheese

Phyllo (or fillo) dough is one of those recipe items that you either love to work with or hate to even think about it.  The dough itself is very temperamental because of its fragile nature.  The golden rule to phyllo dough is to not let it dry out.  Make sure you don’t get the dough wet either or it will become useless to work with.  Also make sure you let it thaw out properly as directed on the package.  With that being said, phyllo dough’s crispy golden texture makes for excellent spanakopita and baklava that will send you over the edge.  We’ve wrapped Palmetto Cheese up with the phyllo dough in the recipe below.  What can we say about it….one bite and you get the light crispy crunch of the phyllo blended with the smooth melted goodness of Palmetto Cheese.  It makes for a perfect combination.

Ok so maybe the recipe below isn’t your thing.  You can still enjoy the combination together because at most supermarkets they sell phyllo dough shells.  It’s a no muss, no fuss workaround.

Whatever way you decide to go we hope you enjoy!!

Crispy Pimento Cheese

Yield: approx. 24 triangles

1 – 8oz. sleeve Phyllo Dough (16 oz. package has approximately 40 – 9″ x 14″ sheets per box, 20 per sleeve)
1 – 12 oz. Palmetto Cheese – The Pimento Cheese with Soul! Original or Jalapeno
1 cup Olive oil or melted butter


On a clean countertop layout one sheet of phyllo dough. You’ll need a pastry brush at this point. Brush the one side of the dough edge to edge with a thin coating of olive oil or melted butter.  Place a second sheet on top of this first layer.  Brush with oil or butter.  Add your third and final layer of dough.  Brush a light layer of butter over the top layer.

Crispy Pimento Cheese
With a sharp paring knife divide the dough into four sections. Place 1 Tbsp of Palmetto Cheese on each section as shown.  Every 3 sheet layer will yield 4 triangles.  If you add an additional topping, like chopped bacon, use a little less pimento cheese.

Fold one - Crispy Pimento Cheese
Bring the top right corner of each section over top of the cheese. Your piece should look like the picture shown above.  Make sure you press along the edges to seal the cheese in or it will run out when baked.  Also make sure you don’t have any dry pieces of dough. Dry dough will not seal properly.

crispy pimento cheese

Bring the far right corner overtop of your first fold. The bottom edges should stay parallel to each other. You’ll have a little flap of dough left, fold that overtop and seal.  Again, making sure all dough has oil or butter on it so it seals.  Continue with the rest of the dough until you run out of Palmetto Cheese.  We put approximately 24 because you never know when a craving is going to hit and you need to “test” out the Palmetto Cheese.  Freeze the remaining dough.  If unwrapped, make sure you wrap tight before freezing. Dough has a tendency to dry out quickly.   Keep a damp, not soaking wet hand towel or paper towel over the dough while you’re folding.  This will keep it from drying out if folding isn’t your strong suit.

Crispy pimento cheese

Bake at 375 until golden brown.  Serve with pepper relish or jelly.

pimento cheese recipe

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