Palmetto Cheese Deviled Eggs

HAP_2603It’s Easter time and nothing is tastier than deviled eggs, especially when they have Palmetto Cheese mixed in! We used half Palmetto Cheese with Bacon and half Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos in this recipe. We also shaped two 12 ounce tubs of Palmetto Cheese into an egg and decorated with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.  To make shaping the egg easier, scoop out the cheese onto your serving tray, cover with saran wrap and shape. This makes the whole process less messy. Pepperidge Farm has new colorful Goldfish for Easter that we purchased at Target.  The tray is finished off with shredded carrots, carrot sticks and fresh rosemary. This is a fun project to make with the kids and something that guests will enjoy devouring!

Palmetto Cheese Stuffed Deviled Eggs
6 Tablespoons Palmetto Cheese, Original, Jalapeno or Bacon
6 eggs, hard boiled
1/4 cup Mayonnaise salt and pepper to taste

Cut hard boiled eggs in half, remove yolks and place into a bowl. Place egg whites onto a serving dish. Mash yolks with a fork until fine. Add mayo and mix until incorporated. Add Palmetto Pimento Cheese and mix until thoroughly incorporated together. Scoop mixture into a pastry bag or gallon-size food storage bag with one small corner cut off. Pipe mixture onto egg whites. Garnish with a little southern sprinkle of paprika. Variations: Add finely chopped olives, jalapenos or bacon to give your eggs an added flavor.

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