When did you start eating pimento cheese?

If pimento cheese could have made it into our baby bottles we would have been sucking it down. It feels like it’s been a part of our lives forever. Pimento cheese is a staple in our family and will continue to be a reminder of our childhood and happy memories. When did you start eating pimento cheese? Are you new to the PC scene or has it been in your family for generations?

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If you enjoy pimento cheese and you think you've had the best, we invite you to try our version of pimento cheese...we call it Palmetto Cheese™. Born in the low country of South Carolina, this pimento cheese has the perfect dipping texture, a smooth taste, and is pleasing to the palate long after the last dip. The word is out...you can now buy authentic, homemade pimento cheese at your local grocery store. Palmetto Cheese™ has real sharp cheddar cheese, it is real southern, and it is really good. Pick up a tub and you will see why this pimento cheese is the best on the market today.


  1. I started eating pimento cheese when I was a child in Greenville, SC 45 years ago. Then about a year or so ago when I found Palmetto Cheese in the grocery store at Garden City Beach, SC!! Now, it is the only kind of pc that I will eat! lOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  2. I should take a picture of the metal hand grinder, I began grinding as soon as I grasped the concept of turning the handle. My mother served her cheese with celery sticks, red, green, yellow peppers. PC was given to family, friends, coworkers, for every occasion: birth, birthdays, joining the church, illness, and times of mourning. I have not used the hand grinder since we moved to Camden 20 years ago and discovered your cheese at Pawleys Island. How many years ago did you begin? Thanks, and I cannot wait to see the truck!

  3. I used to HATE HATE HATE pimento cheese with a passion when I was growing up. And, OF COURSE, every now and then mom would slap a lump of that golden despair on a sandwich and send me off to school, a brown bag full of a guaranteed bad day sagging from an unappreciative hand. That is when my battles against the Pimento Cheese began. It wasn’t until a couple years ago whilst musing over how to dress a plate full of Ritz crackers that I decided to extend the olive branch of deliciousness to my once-mortal foe (I’m adventurous like that – I live on the edge); the result was an epiphany; the result was ecstasy; the result was a life-long addiction to the wonder that is the pimento and the splendor that is rich, creamy cheese. My battles against the Pimento Cheese were over. It had won, and I’ve been glad for it.

    That said, for my struggles, for my revelations, for my continued dedication to this decadent treasure, I truly deserve this hat, so that I may continue to revel in the majesty of Pawley’s Island’s very own Palmetto Cheese. It will serve as a daily reminder of that which has made me whole. Thank you, and keep shipping this stuff to Barnwell, SC!

  4. I began eating Pimento cheese at the age of 6, that was back in 1956. I was hooked on it quickly and regarded it as good as Candy! My family had grilled Pimento cheese sandwiches for all meals and I continue that custom today. Nothing like a Pimento sandwich for breakfast!!

  5. I have got to get one of those hats for my brother. My brother moved to Palmetto,Florida from Indiana about two years ago. He kept telling everyone that he moved to Pimento, Florida. I got him some Palmetto Cheese as a joke….he loved it and so do I.

  6. I am soon to be 75 years old and can not remember not having pimento cheese. My Mom used to make it regularly. Never had bought ready made until after I married. None can compare to Palmetto Cheese, especially the jalepeneo. I will probably never make home made again!

  7. I started buying your products at my local Ingles in Calhoun, Georgia , April 2011. It helped me survive when my wife was in the hospital for 10 weeks from mid April to Early June 2011. And I accuakky picked up some today (07/10/12) !

  8. Pimento cheese has always been in my food diet. Momma made it using a food grinder to mix the cheese, Dukes and pimento. In the shoe box lunches carried on school field trips, were always two sandwiches,one ham, one pimento cheese, both with the crusts cut off.
    I live in the Mid-West but on my frequent trips back home to South Carolina, I always purchase a supply of the original Palmetto Cheese spread( my local grocer now carries the Dukes), my coworkers love it too!I am 71.

  9. I have been eating Pimento Cheese since I was born. It was a staple in my family for generations but only homemade. It was tradition to have Pimento Cheese sandwich for lunch on the beach on toasted bread. I have never eaten any store bought until Palmetto Cheese. When the bacon flavored wasnt sold in Atlanta I had it shipped to us.

  10. I truly don’t remember a time in my life when I did not eat PC. Palmetto PC is truly my favorite. Since I now live in the Pacific NW and can not get it here, I pack my suit case with it when I am home and fly back in my suitcase. EVERY time they search my bag at the airport – find Palmetto in my bag and say “oh yea, this is the best!”

  11. Nothing better than a PC sammich! Unless you add some finely chopped boiled egg, pepper, and some crispy bacon to it….eat on wheat bread or crackers or anything- and it is DELICIOUS! I have been enjoying pimento cheese forever!

  12. When my wife introduced me to it, probably around 2001 when we got engaged. Now I am the luckiest man in the world because I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I get to wake up every morning in Mt Pleasant, SC. By the way – nothing better on a cheeseburger than pimento cheese.

  13. Well, I began eating pimento cheese about 52 years ago… maybe a bit longer (my memory isn’t what it used to be).

    My grandfather’s brother ran a small neighborhood “grocery” story in a small West Virginia town. My memory of Red’s store was that it was not huge, but my favorite part was the meats and cheeses that Red cut to order. He had his own recipe for pimento cheese that I just loved. Of course, he’s gone now, and so the flavor of his particular recipe is only a memory – I don’t have the recipe so I can’t compare against today’s offerings. But often in my memory the homemade things on which I grew up taste oh so much better than the store bought offerings available today.

  14. Opps! I need to add the fact that being from SOUTH CAROLINA (God’s Country) makes me very proud to enjoy this excellent, home state original!!!

  15. My daughter recently introduced me to PalmettoCheese. At first, I must say I was a little insulted. You need to understand that I make my father’s pimento cheese receipe from 50+ years ago. I’m asked to make it all the time. Some folks bring me the ingredients for me to make it so it’ll “taste right”!? After my initial experience w/PC, I have an appreciation, LOVE, and genuine respect for PC!! It is the best! Daddy didn’t cook. This was the ONE THING he did in the kitchen. I so loved watching my father grate the Velveeta then the N.Y State Sharp Cheddar, hand chopped the whole pimentos to his exact specifications, then finally, stir it all together with that famous DUKE’S mayonnaise. It was a major production! A childhood memory I enjoy re-living every time I make Fred’s Pimento Cheese! Now these two favorites share space in our refrigerator and are both enjoyed regularly in our home. Thank you, PALMETTO CHEESE!

  16. My first experience with Palmetto Cheese was 3 summers ago. My sister, who is always finding new things, brought some back from the beach. My Mom and I had gotten a movie that night and decided to try it as our snack. We were so intrigued by the flavor and yumminess of PC that we talked about it so much we miss the movie entirely. It’s truly a wonderful product!

  17. ALL MY LIFE!! I don’t remember a time when mom didn’t either make pimento cheese or buy it. Now mom is gone and pimento cheese is
    a wonderful childhood memory.

  18. First sandwich ever…@ Grandma’s house on Whiskey Rd. in Aiken SC. I might have been 3 years old, but i remember it vividly. Lightly toasted with the crusts cut off…cold glass of milk accompaniment. I miss Grandma…

  19. I didn’t start eating pimento cheese until a little over a year ago. I grew up in NJ and have been in SC for 21 years, but I never had the opportunity to try it until my wife made me a Grilled Palmetto Cheese sandwich last year. It was as if I’d died and gone to heaven when I took my first bite and asked her why she’d been hiding this from me for the past five years!

  20. I’m 66.7 years old, and among my earliest recollections is watching my mother make her special version of pimento cheese. A pound or so of “rat cheese” from the neighborhood grocery store in our small East Tennessee town, a small can of pimentos, a couple or three tablespoons of finely diced sweet pickles and enough Kraft mayonnaise to hold it all together. The best part, of course, was spreading the finished product on white bread or saltine crackers and devouring it — I’m into my seventh decade of that particular Southern-style pleasure. In my college years, I learned another crucial aspect of the pimento-cheese experience: grilled or toasted sandwiches (these are at the top of the menu in heaven). And my latest blissful discovery: Palmetto Cheese — it’s dangerously close to my mother’s recipe and its homemade taste stirs a lifetime of good memories.

  21. I am almost 75 years old and have eaten PC since I can remember. My mother used to make it as a special treat for special occasions. I was in college before eating “store bought” PC. Now I can honestly and with no reservations say that Palmetto is my favorite! It is my “go to” when sad, glad or feeling bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t get any better than Palmetto to cure the blahs!!!!!

  22. I was never a fan of pimento cheese until I had Palmetto Cheese at the Sea View Inn a few years ago, Now I’m hooked!

  23. I grew up with that nasty mayonnaise concoction in our fridge. Occasionally my Mother would make homemade but I wouldn’t even try it. I was convinced it was all the same. Then after 58 years of avoidance I was in Costco in Myrtle Beach and there was a lady offering samples. I was starved and decided to try it. I was hooked! I have a pimento cheese sandwich almost daily now. I have taken it to friends and family all over the country. They all agree it is the best.

  24. I wouldn’t consider myself a newby, but I’ve only been eating PC for about 5 years. I consider PC one of the greatest products to come out of the state of SC.

  25. Started in spring of 2010 and haven’t stopped. I even put a little on my neck after showers to remind myself of the next PC break. Who needs cologne?

  26. I have been eating Pimento Cheese all my life. All different brands it really didn’t matter as long as I have Pimento Cheese. That Cheesy,creamy goodness that only comes from the south. It’s good for the soul.

  27. It’s been a part of my family for generations (on both sides). I believe it may have been my first meal. Some moms but oats in the baby bottle, my mom put pimento cheese.
    We have unofficial competitions/taste tests during holidays. Everyone has a different style, and I love them all.

    When I moved to PA for a couple of years, I had to educate my friends on the fabulousness that is PC!

  28. My daddy used to make his own pimento cheese. He died when I was 12 and when I got married I tried to replicate his pimento cheese. It took me years to get close, then I found “Palmetto Cheese” and, lo and behold!!!! Daddy’s pimento cheese!! He must have been channeling you guys from above! Thanks!!

  29. As a kid, I didn’t care for pimento cheese. I think it was the idea of peppers and mayonaise I didn’t like, but as I got older and willing to try to new things, I realized I liked it. And then PC came on the scene and and I realized I could LOVE it!

  30. We started eating PC when we moved to Darlington, SC in June of 2010 … AWESOME!! Been eating it ever since!!

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