Late Night Snack

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I found these apples, the little sticker says they are Gala and the store signage said they were $.99 per lb so that was an easy decision.  When I went to the kitchen that evening to tidy up, I was just amazed at how beautiful they are.  Look at all of the colors, they just make themselves look good.

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No, don’t look at the little pig!

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Look at the apples, that’s better!



Once they were in the bowl, I began thinking about having one.  As you can see, I now had company.  Her name is Isabella of the Ball but we call her Bella.  She loves it when we are in the kitchen and she hopes that she’ll get a taste of our snacks too.

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Anyway, as many of you know, a lot of what I do is talk about what Palmetto Cheese goes really good with so I was back to thinking about these apples again and well, here’s the end result.

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I still had this little visitor in the kitchen with me, and she was asking for a treat with such a sweet face AND she’s a PC fan too.  I asked her to wait, and sit and be gentle…………….and then she just couldn’t.

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This action means that she prefers the cheese first and the apple later, but cut into smaller pieces!

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Hope your Late Night Snacks are as fun as mine!

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