Pimento Cheese from a Yankee’s Perspective

Guest post by Nathan Kirk
Pimento cheese from a Yankee’s perspective.

Being from the Pittsburgh area I wasn’t aware of the greatness that is pimento cheese. I simply had never tried it. The only thing that went on a cracker for me was peanut butter and jelly or the occasional slice of cheese. The only pimento cheese I had ever seen looked like a pureed vibrant orange goo; which was not going in my grocery basket. All of that would soon change when I moved to South Carolina.Pimento Cheese

After moving to the South I found that the only thing better than the warm weather and nice people was the food! It’s comfort food at its finest. You just can’t beat great barbecued pork, fried chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese. I only thought macaroni and cheese was made with powdered cheese. What was I thinking? Granted most southern food isn’t the healthiest on the planet, but life is too short to worry about calorie counting sometimes. It’s better to just give in to the satisfaction of eating a recipe that has been passed down for generations.

It took me a while to understand why anyone would be passionate about pimento cheese of all things. Once again, there I go thinking the wrong thing. No matter where you were born, the best food was always cooked by your mother and grandmother. Most people are passionate about their pimento cheese because it reminds them of these great ladies; which I can fully relate. I started cooking with my grandmother and mother at an early age. Some of the best memories that a kid can ask for. They would always let me take part. Sure I would make a gigantic mess and dirty every bowl and dish in site, but the experience is what it’s all about. If pimento cheese gives people this type of feeling, then it definitely deserved to be tried. And when it is done right, pimento cheese is as delectable a food as you can get. That’s why some call it “southern caviar”. I just call it good eating.

Pimento Cheese hamburger
Pimento cheese hamburger with lettuce tomato and red pepper relish

Ok, so maybe you’re like I was and didn’t know what pimento cheese really was. Here is the basic breakdown: take shredded sharp cheddar cheese, blend it with mayonnaise, pimentos and spices and poof you’ve got pimento cheese. Now after saying that, realize that there are tons of variations and additional ingredients that are added. Everyone has there own special way of making it and using it. In the case of Palmetto Cheese, I just eat it out of the tub, but it makes a great sandwich or snack on a cracker or celery stick. Put some pimento cheese on a hamburger and I swear that you can hear that burger sing. I promise you won’t use American cheese any longer.

Palmetto Cheese - The Pimento Cheese with Soul!
Palmetto Cheese at the Sea View Inn, Pawleys Island

When I first tasted Palmetto Cheese – the Pimento Cheese with Soul!, I knew why Sassy’s recipe had made the leap from the Sea View Inn menu to the grocery store. It was just undeniably good. If you can make a product that tastes like it homemade, I’m sold on it. From that point on I was no longer pimento cheese ignorant…I was addicted. You can make your own pimento cheese at home of course, but I’m sticking with buying Palmetto Cheese at my local grocery store. Readers of this in the north, you can also have Palmetto Cheese, just visit the Buy Online page and order yourself some! Do yourself and your fellow grocery shoppers a favor and take that empty tub to the deli manager and beg and plead for them to carry PC. Well maybe not beg and plead, but ask nicely. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have something you would like to say about pimento cheese, please leave a comment below. It would be great to hear from you!Share your pimento cheese story below

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