Spring Pimento Cheese

pimento cheese serving tipSpring is here and we’ve come up with a Spring/Easter themed way of serving Palmetto Cheese – The Pimento Cheese with Soul at your next party, Palmetto Cheese Egg Basket and a PC Tulip.  To make this spread, we visited our local craft supply store.

Here’s a shopping list of what we used:
1 – small basket
1 – package small plastic Easter eggs
1 – package Wilton icing daisies
1 – tulip shaped cookie cutter, but you can use any flower or Easter shape you wish

From the grocery store we bought: One tub of Palmetto Cheese, eggs, radishes, alfalfa sprouts and cabbage.  Leaf lettuce can be substituted for the cabbage and any vegetable that you can slice a thin circle off of will also work for the radish.  Serve with your favorite cracker.
How to make the Palmetto Cheese Egg Basket

Spread one package of alfalfa sprouts into a small basket. If you’re using a larger basket you’ll need to purchase two or three packages.

We used one tub of Palmetto Cheese; which will make 6 small eggs. Large plastic Easter eggs can also be used. To begin, open the egg and spray each half with a cooking/baking oil spray. This will enable the pimento cheese to release from the egg mold.

Palmetto Cheese Pimento Cheese with Soul

Fill each egg half with pimento cheese until it is level with the top of the egg. Make sure that your PC is cold. If it sits out too long, it will be difficult to work with.  There are two ways to form the egg:

Press the two egg halves together to combine them and then open up the plastic egg. This one takes some practice.  Or you can simply shake out each half and combine them together. Smooth out the seam in the middle of the egg with a spoon or your finger. We found this way a little easier.

Add your eggs to the basket right after you unmold them.  We garnished our basket with eggs we dyed with food coloring and Wilton icing daisies.

Palmetto Cheese Tulips

For the tulips, we first lined a serving plate with cabbage leaves, but any type of lettuce or leafy vegetable will also work.
We made a batch of Palmetto Cheese stuffed Deviled Eggs to accompany our tulip, click here for the recipe. You can also make several tulips and one tray and omit the eggs. Arrange the eggs as shown in the pictures below and place a slice of radish to create an “egg flower”.

Place your cookie cutter in the center of your tray, fill with Palmetto Cheese and lift cutter straight up to reveal your tulip. Garnish with Wilton icing daisies. These can be found at a craft store that sells cake decorating supplies.

pimento cheese tulip

pimento cheese tulip
pimento cheese tulip

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