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Palmetto Cheese container for crayonsYou finished your tub of Palmetto Cheese, but now what do you do with the empty container? You have several options at your disposal: recycle it, reuse it, or throw it away. Why throw away a perfectly good container when it has so many uses? Below you will find a list of uses for your empty PC container. Submit your own creative use for our container using the comment box below or send us a picture to


Container Ideas:

Palmetto Cheese Container for snacks

Snack Time
Fill up the container with your favorite snacks: fruit, nuts or chips. Good for your child’s lunch box or for a snack at the office. It’s a great way to keep control over the portion size of the snacks you consume.

Palmetto Cheese Container for leftovers

You made a batch of Broccoli and Pimento Cheese Casserole and you want to save what’s leftover for lunch the following day. Pack away a few slices into a container and you’re ready to go.

Palmetto Cheese Container for food storage

Food Storage
Instead of filling up your pantry with bags of twisty tied up items, keep them all organized and stackable. Good for rice, dried beans or various other pantry items.

Palmetto Cheese Container for Dogs

Food and Water for your pet
Going to take your dog to the park? Here’s an easy way to make sure your four-legged friend has food and water. Fill up your containers, seal them tight, and grab the leash!

Palmetto Cheese Container for candy

Chocolates and Candy
Need a place to store the candy that didn’t fit into your candy dish? Keep your candy and chocolates in a PC container and store them away.

Palmetto Cheese Container for change

Keep the Change
You can use the container for more than just food of course. Cut a hole in the lid and you have yourself a great place to keep your change.

Palmetto Cheese Container for screws and nails

Nails, Screws, Nuts and Bolts
The toolbox can become filled with little items that have no place to go. Place your nails, screws, nuts and bolts into containers to keep them from overtaking your toolbox.

Palmetto Cheese Container for painting

A perfect size for touching up a room or for getting crafty. Seal the container after you’re done and you won’t have to throw away the leftover paint.

Palmetto Cheese Container for candles

Emergency Lighting
It doesn’t hurt to keep an emergency kit stashed away in your home. Fill up the container with candles for emergency lighting in case you lose power or for a simple storage solution for your tea lights.

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  1. THE container is great for bobby pins ,, 3 A batterys , and leftovers for the fridge as i live alone and its the perfect size for me ..

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