Deep Fried PC Stuffed Deviled Eggs

March 4, 2016 admin 0

6 Tablespoons Palmetto Cheese, Original, Jalapeno or Bacon 6 eggs, hard boiled 1/4 cup Mayonnaise salt and pepper to taste 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup All Purpose Flour 1-1/2 cup Panko Breadcrumbs 3 cup Oil […]

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

February 19, 2016 admin 0

8 ounces Ground Beef 1/2 cup Onion, diced small 4 slices Bacon (2 chopped for dip, 2 cooked and crumbled for topping) 12 ounces Palmetto Cheese with Bacon (Original or Jalapeno can be used) 8 […]

Sausage Dip

February 11, 2016 admin 1

12 oz Palmetto Cheese – Original, Jalapeno, or Bacon 1 pound Breakfast Sausage 8 oz. Cream Cheese 8 oz. Salsa In a saute pan, brown off breakfast sausage. Drain excess oil. Add salsa and stir. […]

Jalapeno Popper Dip

December 30, 2015 admin 2

This is a great recipe for taking to a party. You can make it mild or as hot as you like. If you want to make this milder in heat, do not add additional jalapenos. […]

Cheesy Bites

December 23, 2015 admin 2

These are great for a family get-together. You get 32 bites per can of Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough. You only need a little bit of Palmetto Cheese, so you’ll have plenty leftover for dipping. Here’s […]

Festive Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

December 16, 2015 admin 0

This serving tip is great fun and you can have the kids making their own sandwiches. You can use whatever cookie cutter that you want, just as long as it fits on the slice of […]

Palmetto Cheese Turkey

November 13, 2015 admin 0

To make the Palmetto Cheese Turkey you’ll need: 1 – 12 oz Palmetto Cheese – Original, Jalapeno, or Bacon 1 Acorn Squash 1 Mushroom Cap 2 Black Peppercorns 1 Red Pepper 1 Yellow Pepper 1 […]

Goblin Eye Deviled Eggs

October 21, 2015 admin 0

These are an easy way to get your party food looking ghoulish for Halloween. For the recipe you’ll need: 6 eggs 6 Tbsp Palmetto Cheese – Original, Jalapeno, or Bacon 1/4 Cup Mayonnaise Black Olives […]

Pimento Cheese Pumpkin Ball

September 23, 2015 admin 4

Guests are coming over and all you’ve got is a bag of Fritos and a tub of Palmetto Cheese. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This recipe takes about 5 minutes to put together and […]

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